Your Cloud journey

Product manager Jakub Holak,
Nordcloud Klarity:

Your Cloud journey calls for a reliable CMDB and FinOps

 If you thought that processes and a functioning CMDB were no longer relevant when you choose to go cloud – think again.

When you move to the cloud, you need control over your activities, routines, governance, and well-functioning processes. But adapted to the new reality of the cloud – with new responsibilities and with much greater speed of change. This has immediate and visible consequences if activities are not adequately managed. Your Cloud journey calls for a reliable CMDB and FinOps,” says Jakub Holak, Product manager of Nordcloud Klarity.

Transitioning from Capex to Opex also means new requirements to manage costs if you are to avoid the gap many have experienced when moving to the cloud without having a cost management plan – aka. FinOps.

Jakub Holak is our keynote speaker on the free Klarity / itSMF Denmark webinar 22´th of June 15.30.

 Spend an hour plus, and listen to Jakub Holak share experiences of thinking about FinOps and CMDB side by side.
And why cloud calls for even better control over your resources and dependencies than is known from on-prem.

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