Call for speakers 2018


We invite speakers to the 2018 itSMF Denmark conference in Roskilde on October 24th -25th.

IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT 2018 – Age of the Machines 
- Threat or opportunity

The theme

The Age of the Machines is now and you are in the middle of it. For many years technology has taken over labour-intensive tasks where it has started to challenge what has so far been a privilege to humans. We are talking about internet of things, artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, virtual reality, robots, sensors, augmented reality, quantum computing, cognitive technology and other trends that are evolving quickly. This evolution is also relevant for IT Service Management in two dimensions; How we manage services provided by and/or together with the Machines and the type of services we manage and provide.

Who are you
Our ambition with the 2018 itSMF conference is to equip our delegates with a short-list of “Opportunities” to take advantage of the “Age of the Machines” in IT Service Management and understand the “Threats” that need to be addressed. We are looking for speakers that can contribute to the short-list, sharing expertise from real life examples, pilot projects and pre-study initiatives where you have been involved. You don’t have to be an ITSM professional, you will get support from a dedicated itSMF member to enrich the expertise you have with IT Service Management aspects to ensure it is taken into account in your presentation.

What we are looking for
You are welcome to challenge us with a topic that fits into our theme but we have defined following scenarios together with examples of question(s) that could be covered. Keep in mind to keep it pragmatic and useful both today and tomorrow:

• The service desk responds upon incidents without the user being aware that machines did the work.
What will the existing ITSM processes look like when they have been merged and redesigned to let machines take over the labour-intensive work?

• The service level reporting involves negotiations between machines where humans only provide oversight. 
How will SLA change in context and structure?
When is human intervention necessary?

• With the Machines in charge of services, they decide what services to be online or shut down, even if it will have an impact on health and safety. 
How shall ethical questions be governed in relation to intelligent machines?
What can we do to ensure that privacy is not threatened or exposed?

• Major incidents do no longer exists, because incidents that cannot be resolved instantly have such impact on the whole organization that it trigger corporate wide crisis management plans and procedures. In these incidents Machines are engaged to handle and distribute the vast amount of information that is obtained and processed.
How will processes related to quality and availability of services change, to allow machines to participate in resolution of a crisis?

Keep in mind that we are looking for practical advice on how to take advantage of the “Age of the Machines”

Submit your presentation
Submit your presentation by sending an e-mail to

1. Suggested title
2. A synopsis (approx. 50 words)
3. The learning objectives (3-5 bullet points).

We need your submission by 1th of may 2018